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KATERYNA is a beautiful modern style kebaya peplum that evokes a timeless elegance. The addition of ruffle effects on the kebaya adds a touch of a classic modern style. With a two layer ruffle detailing cutting on the skirt will surely made you look elegant, tall & skinnier. Our Raya Collection surely made you look feminine & sweet with the simple detailing cutting on the fabric.

Using the most comfortable material Premium Conserto which this material gives you a cooling and comfortable effects throughout your day! You will love this modern style kebaya peplum design that will pop up that sweet-yet-feminine look features for any occasions, even for daily wear. It's easy to iron and you will going to love it when the fabric falls on your body perfectly. You're bound to feel comfortable in it!


  • Material : Premium Conserto
  • Round neckline
  • Hidden zipper down at the front that makes the nursing friendly
  • Front fold detailing at the front
  • Peplum kebaya cutting top with ruffle effects to make it flowy
  • Long fit sleeves with zipper detailing for ease during ablution

  • Semi-fitted waistband with hook and zip fastening at the back
  • Mermaid regular fit cutting
  • Two layered ruffle skirt cutting
Available in 4 colors with five different sizes (XS,S,M,L,XL)

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